Sunday, March 7, 2010

Mini Automoblox Cars

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Automoblox Cars encapsulate contemporary Lovely & bright interchangeable parts. They are the epitome of good taste. Boys, girls and adults who like beautiful wooden bodies and incredibly smooth rolling wheels. Everyone we have ever witnessed with traces Automoblox fingers clean lines, comments on the vibrant color, turns the wheels and does not stand to sweep them in a test drive.

Start with a Automoblox Mini, but do not stop there. If you buy several at once or several times, you'll certainly enjoy mixing and matching parts for vehicle design endless new. Better than the Matchbox cars, these fresh inspirations to encourage the genesis of your own mobile wonders.

Given as a gift for a young child's parents rave just as much! Lovely construction drawings showcase impeccable. Like a jigsaw learning / toy car Automoblox improve hand-eye coordination, gross and fine motor skills, perceptual skills visual spatial problem solving, and imagination provide revving fun.

There are some games that deserve a place in every home. Automoblox is one of them.

# Automoblox Mini Automoblox Mini - a smaller version of the traditional Automoblox car
Design # Gorgeous, cool feature, indestructible construction
# Modern & Puzzle toy car heritage while a
# Mix, match, parts exchange with other Automoblox Mini Vehicles
# Universal connector system allows the rapid exchange of parts
# Excellent wheels roll like thunder on smooth surfaces
# Snap together easily and fit nicely tight enough to stay assembled at stake
# Loved by all ages, great, anywhere, toy vehicles size
# Fabulous quality Fit for all budgets
# Made of natural wood beautiful
# 3 years and over
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