Friday, January 22, 2010

Wooden Bead Sequencing Set

Stacking logs brightly colored, 5 hardwood dowels in sequence to match the design on the one-sided card wooden model!

This toy cognitive development assistance to promote complex reasoning skills, sorting, matching, color and shape recognition, patience and coordination. Stack the durable, wooden beads in bright colors on the hardwood pegs in the correct order to match the design on the card model. Useful for play development, children (or caregiver in a development) draws a card model, developed an ankle, then choose from the colorful wooden beads to recreate the pattern. The sturdy wooden box holds 45 colored beads, five dowels, and 10 models that increase the difficulty of control develops. Ideal for playing solo and collaborative. A classic Montessori.
Melissa and Doug toys are made from all natural wood. All colors are painted with toxic paints, water-based. They do not contain lead and are an excellent alternative to plastic toys that are derived from oil - which emit residues of May and are harmful to our environment.

2.5 "x 12.7" x 13.1 "Packaged.

Recommended Age
Ages 4 +.
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