Sunday, January 10, 2010

Spykee the Robot Toy Animatronic

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The entertainment electronics inside the motor using miniature toys and sensors to provide a wide range of functions. Not only can it be controlled by the WLAN in a local environment, but also from around the world via the Internet! When used through a computer (PC or Mac) Spykee can also be a VoIP phone to make free calls. His actions built in camera as a webcam as he travels around the ground, beaming images to the computer. In addition, a sensor integrated into the movement can be programmed to trigger alarms, and can even take a picture of the intruder to be sent wherever you are in the world!
Naturally Spykee play MP3 music via an outlet, and is even clever enough to return to its base unit when to recharge! The equipment list is almost endless - webcam, microphone, a lighting flash, lights, rubber tracks, WiFi card and speakers. Spykee is really the beginning of the future for animatronics in toys.
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